More than a century has passed since we first opened our doors in 1909. Since then, quite a bit has changed - except for our name and the way we do business. Our name, Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company, originally reflected the necessity to be an electrical supply house in order to have the supplies to be an electrical contractor in Oklahoma, which became a state in 1907.

What started as a storefront operation has grown into a major electrical contracting firm - one of Oklahoma's largest. For three generations of family ownership and management, our name and business philosophy have stood the test of time.


Since 1909, Oklahoma Electrical Supply Company has been providing our customers with the highest quality of electrical contracting services at competitive pricing, regardless of geographic location.


OESCO is dedicated to safely delivering our projects on time, within budget and in accordance with specifications.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously. We ensure that every aspect of your installation is of the highest quality - even the part of the installation that you can't see.

At OESCO, quality, schedule and value are basic standards for all of our projects.


At OESCO, we have a tradition of working smart and working safe. Two full time safety professionals back our employees. They constantly inspect, oversee, evaluate and improve our employees' performances.

Our safety professionals also work with an outside safety consultant at least quarterly to review our worksites and procedures and provide extensive in-house training seminars to help establish a culture of safety.

To us, safety is more than just a financial issue - it's a matter of life and death.


When you start out the way we did, one quality becomes ingrained in your philosophy quickly: teamwork. After all, you get a lot farther on the frontier if you work well with your neighbors and colleagues.

The OESCO philosophy is to be an integral member of the construction team. That means providing quality electrical installation, of course, but much more than that. It means sharing our generations of experience with the project team. Our management team has amassed more than 200 years of service at OESCO.

At the same time, we make sure our people have the technical tools to do the job. Specialized courses keep them abreast of the latest developments. The latest building information modeling helps them transform ideas and data into reality. That’s why we can point to a tradition of safe, quality workmanship that is unsurpassed — one that OESCO clients have been relying on for more than 100 years.